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Peter Brook Once said, "The theatre exists in movement." And being true to those words, Spandan IPTA, in pursuit of quality theatre, shows its sincere commitment towards addressing the burning socio-political menaces of the world today through documentary plays.
If certainty and continuity are key factors towards attaining a goal, we may claim ourselves to be perfect. Through logical analysis of the events around the world today, we found, International Terrorism is the menace creating more damage to the mankind than the entire other social, economic and political problems put together. In our commitment for better world to live in, we use extreme logical precision in explaining and analyzing the cause behind clandestine expansion of terrorism, and our own reaction hits the stage in form of informative histrionics.
Our productions are not only unique in cotentwise, but also unique in nature. In traditional documentary theatres of 1960's Europe the factual information always ruled over the aesthetic considerations of Theatre. But here the documentary evidences, found through long dedicated research works, are blended with the aesthetic qualities of modern theatre and thematically blended multimedia experimentation, and presented within a strong fiction frame of breath taking thrillers. And thus created a new genre in World documentary theatre that was unknown to theatre audiences across the globe.

Our aim is not to thwart public sentiment away from the stage of things, but to review it through their legitimate conscience, which, we believe, is a priority to human beings. We try to transmit to our viewers those absolutely sensational yet true findings, which they take home intact and construct a fresh new attitude towards life, society and above all, mankind.

We Do Theatre, Because We Admire It.

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IPTA Festival in 1953 - A report on the seven day festival of IPTA and its 7th Conference.



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