"Rape Particle", a new production of Spandan theatre group: Ganashakti, 16-Nov-13

  "Rape Particle" of Spandan : In search of Psycho-Particle: Ananayudh, 30-Jul-13

  A positive 'NO' theatre: Aajkal, 20-Jul-13

  Theatre says, Science should introspect the cause of Rape: Anandabazar Patrika, 05-Jul-13

  RAPE PARTICLE-DVD: Anandabazar Patrika, 01-Jun-13

  A Bold retrieval from Stage RAPE PARTICLE: The Indian Express, 11-May-13

Nobel laureate physicist Jack Steinberger also himself associated with their voice claimed the director Prof. Sampa Sen.

  Combat RAPE: The Telegraph, 28-Apr-13

  RAPE PARTICLE: Anandabazar Patrika, 25-Apr-13

  We can't seek publicity by talking politics on channels: Times of India, 24-Sep-11

Sampa Sen, who plays the lead in Fingerprints 26/11, talks about the difficulty of depicting Kasab on stage and exploring the connection between terror and music

  “Liberation” Unveils the game of face and façade.: Daily Desher Katha, 31-Aug-11

  Virtuous Realization Of Sukhmoni and Others. --- Chandan sen . : AJKAL, 23-Oct-10

  'Truth' inside a truth : Aajkal, 24-Nov-07

Credit goes to application of multimedia, proper use of sets and excellent teamwork. The playwright and director Sangram Guha has the major contribution in it.

  "Anticlock", the story of struggle of Lola, a prostitute : Anandabazar Patrika, 24-Nov-07

From brothel to court-everything appears as real situation. Music and light effect are most spectacular. It was an exceptional fight of Lola, a prostitute,

  Spandan takes the stage, 9/11 myth bust afresh : The Indian Express, 05-Nov-07

Playwright and director Sangram Guha and his team collaborated with international researchers and technicians to bring the show onstage.

  ANTICLOCK: The Times of India, 03-Nov-07

The play is set in the US with the horror of 9/11 forming the backdrop. Dolby-digital sound system has been used to recreate various events leading to the crash of the twin towers.

  ANTICLOCK : A bold production to unveil truth: Ganashakti, 03-Nov-07

The recent production "Anticlock" made by the Spandan,IPTA has already got wide response. This drama has an intense urge and effort to bring out the truth of the widely circulated incident of terrorist attack on 11th September 2001 at USA.

  If This Play Were Just a Breathtaking Thriller : Anandabazar Patrika, Editorial Article, 02-Oct-07

...In his latest research based drama "Anticlock", the playwright & director Sangram Guha has raised the question of if the World Trade Center incident was an "attack" then why is the whole world being attacked by a "counter attack"?

  INDIA-BUSH LADEN PLAY: Fox News Channel, 21-Sep-07

Indian artistes stage play on 9/11 World Trade Centre attacks.

  Musharraf recognises Kolkata theatre group as cultural ambassador: The Indian Express, 27-Nov-06

Before its departure for Pakistan the group met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who conferred on them the status of'cultural ambassador of India to Pakistan.

  Operation Flush, the drama at is best : DAWN Pakistan, 23-Nov-06

But when Sajida's back is uncovered, nervous Sarsman admits that he has written "Fuck Iraq" on her back

  A night to remember at the World Performing Arts Festival:Of Abu Ghraib, gypsies and robotic Puppets: Daily Times, Pakistan, 14-Nov-06

The audience reacted by the talented acting of Sampa, played in the role of the tortured Iraqi women.

  New theatre from Calcutta, India ignites the passion : Daily Mail Pakistan, 13-Nov-06

Last night Spandan a theatre unit of Indian Peoples Theatre had performed a beautiful Play Operation Flush, which is a documentary play, a rare genre of world theatre.

  16 Millimeter Rocked: DIE WELT, Germany, 26-May-06 the stage appearance of a beautiful lady actor Sampa Sen acted in the lead role of the lawyer Soumi Pancholi.

  Spandan, has drawn the attention of the intelligence agencies of India.: Frontline, 07-Apr-06

A Bengali play based on extensive research and investigation creates a genre of its own.

  Drama but true: Sananda, 28-Feb-06

Sangram is an out and out journalist. So his mind is always hungry for news, something new and notable. So Sangram is always poised to brave any risk to explore the truth.

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