Not Fiction, It is true

Anandabazar Patrika, Editorial Article, 16-Nov-05
Tapas Sinha

November 16, 2005

Sampa Sen as Dona Bedi and Asok Bandopadhyay as Prof. Hassan.
Sampa Sen as Dona Bedi and Asok Bandopadhyay as Prof. Hassan.

Editorial Article

Not Fiction, It is true

Tapas Sinha

Massive crowd of armed personnel in the Army camp. Terrorists of Lasker-e-Taiba gradually proceeding. They want to back in their normal life by surrender. A young lady was there. Suddenly Brigadier gave a signal. One military gunner started massive firing from his machinegun. Terrorists were shot dead. The drama "Istishadi-the suicide squad" started in such a way. All the characters resembles with the hard reality. Like Subeder Yusuf of Surrender Camp. When bullets were chasing the terrorists, he loudly protested that. But when he found that his protest did not work, he himself fired to the gunner from his own pistol.

Arabic word "Istishadi" means crusader. Why there is turmoil in the North Block, the Defence Ministry by this reality based drama? Why the people who are not in the power of North Block right now, they are so inquisitive about this drama?

In the year 1998 all the 'Member of Parliament' belongs to Left and Congress party raised tremendous blow in the Parliament about the suspected role of Gorge Fernandez, then Defence Minister for sudden withdrawal of Naval operation 'Operation Leach-II', which was aimed to break the illicit route of drugs and arms. The Admiral of Indian Navy at that time, Vishnu Bhagawat also raised many questions about that. He was sacked in that year. Whole of the country was shocked by that unprecedented incident. Even former Home Secretary of India, P. N. Haksar openly criticised about the unholy alliance between Gorge with the Foreign Intelligence Agency. He also defamed the so-called Operation Leach-II incident. The focal point of the drama "Istishadi" is revolving around the sudden withdrawal of Operation Leach-II. The drama also referred the brutal killings of terrorists who were ready for surrender.

The dramatist Sangram Guha previously produced another drama "16 Millimetre" which is based upon the terrorists attack on Indian Parliament Building on 13th December 2001. That drama also created tremendous sensation in Delhi. Sangram was threatened over phone. The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya was personally took initiatives for Sangram's security.

Dona Bedi, the main character of the drama "Istishadi" is real. Dona Bedi's father Major Surrinder Singh Bedi was shot dead by the terrorists when he was executing his duty in Operation Leach-II. Farah Anwar is also a real character. But who is Farah?

Seven terrorists were managed to escape from that massive killing in that surrender camp. 15 terrorists were killed. Farah was among them who were escaped. Farah was linked up with one of the terrorist of Al-Quida, Md. Atta, who was involved in the attack on World Trade Centre in USA. FBI found that on the previous day of 9/11 Md. Atta made a phone call from his mobile to that lady Farah in India. Ajoy Sharma, Delhi Police Commissioner of that time also confirmed that Atta was made a call to Farah at 10.41 PM on that night.

Drama told that, Dona was introduced with Farah at the residence of M.K.Hussan, the professor of International Relations in Delhi University. Farah told Dona through phone that Md. Atta made a phone call to her. She also informed Dona about the attack on World Trade Centre. Done tell Farah to come to her residence immediately. Facts revealed that Dona made a missing complain at Chanakyapuri Police Station at New Delhi ( Complain Number 1406) about Farah, when Dona did not trace her by next 24 hours. Md. Atta was also referred at that complain. Delhi Police just ignored it. After that due to FBI's interest police found the name of Farah. Dona Bedi ultimately came into the picture. Poilce along with Intelligence Branch jointly intercepted the residence of Professor Hussan to arrest Farah on 26th August 2002. But they found the dead body of professor Hussan at his residence.

At 22nd October 2202 Delhi Police finally arrested Farah by Prevention of Terrorism act (POTA) from a reputed Night Club. On 24th Dona applied at Delhi High Court for security of Farah. On 28th Dona was also arrested in POTA for her relation with Farah. Prison recorder of Tiher Jail revealed that on 16th December 2002 Dona was died due to acute lung infection. It was scheduled that Farah will be produced before Court on the next day when Dona was arrested. But Delhi Police informed at the Court that Farah was escaped from the Police prison.

On 8th June 2000 Subedar Yusuf was court marshalled. He was demoted to Naib Subedar. On 10th August 2000 he was protested and had sent his letter of protest to Chief of Army Staff and Defence Ministry. His letter was flashed in the newspaper. After that people came to know about the mass killing incident at the surrender camp. Later it was also revealed that same four other incidents also happened previously. After that Yusuf was shot in his leg while he was patrolling in the Line of Control. His leg was amputed. Right now he is in the mental hospital at Ranchi. Farah Anwar was missing. The photographer, Raj Choudhury who personally involved in this case, he was also missing. Dona Bedi was dead. Professor Hussan was killed. His two students were also killed.

The dramatist Sangram Guha raised the question what is the way out of getting so many unanswered points, when all the avenues to get the right answer are really closed? Nobody knows where lies the final end of this highly breathtaking thriller drama.

But another dramatist, Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee while present at the premier show of this drama at Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata, the whole auditorium including the performers were put under tight security.

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