“Liberation” Unveils the game of face and façade.

Daily Desher Katha, 31-Aug-11
Laxman Ghatak

Early in the morning you can see different kinds of exercises in many playgrounds. Few are jogging; few are running again few are walking on their palms. Now this walk on your palms certainly is an exercise. To prepare one self as an athlete many coaches use this trick of reverse walking. Same way some persons of our surroundings also chose this reverse means for achieving success. Once they achieve the success, they again want to over turn this reverse walking. One chief minister wants the same thing to do. Who once patronized that there was nothing called moist, everything was bunch of hooligans and pressurized to withdraw the joint forces, now wants to keep the forces in the state. The reason of this may be that the triumph of reverse walking has been accomplished, no matter how much blood it has come against.

When cogitated these thoughts, more other thinking had also come in mind – those who are staining their hands in blood of their kinfolks why call themselves Leftist? All these thoughts were encircled with a play called “Liberation.” On 30th August’11, Tuesday Spandan IPTA produced this play was staged at Najrul Kolakhetra, Agartala. This theater written and directed by Samudra Guha can be portrayed as a deed of contemporary. How in one part of our country a problem named as Moist has taken up and to take hold of political power how some people is encouraging this – was revealed in this play. From beginning of the play no viewer could keep his or her vision away from stage because of strong and spectacular acting till the curtains dropped. As if not complete realistic rather a bit of super realistic touch and along with that seriocomic exgracanism creates a wonderful knock encompassing the play.

A foreigner – Name Mr. Nimmo has come to West Bengal and wanted to go to Jungalmahal of Medinipore district. Purpose is to research about the vultures. According to Nimmo, number of vultures in West Bengal has been increased – reason, augment of their food. In audience’ minds there was a confusion regarding this character called Mr. Nimmo. But when step by step Nimmo along with Tathastu, a contractual guide whom Nimmo has brought with him forcefully, has gone to Jungalmahal, met with Maoist Commander Ratan (who was characterized like Kishenji). Since then through the conversation between Nimo and Maoist commander Ratan so called Maoist revolution gets unveiled. Story of so called Maoist armed revolution gets shattered.

Through Nimo’s mouth the playwright (originally a common man) questioned – Why have oppressions, loots and cheat the local tribes not been stopped in those mines situated in Maoist dominated areas? (Yet in public the Maoists are talking not to cheat those tribes). It was again questioned – When in public the Maoist Leaders speak against privatization, what is the reason that they give their interviews in private television channels, the strong supporters of Privatization? How the common men like Jhumur singers, primary school teachers have become enemy of local tribes and their killing have become inevitable? Thus by one after another questions so called game of face and façade gets naked – and tricks of their associate politicians gets unclothed as well.

As Utpal Dutta said, “I am Propagandist;” after seeing this play it can also be said how much this play was required to expose the true face of Maoists. The people of Tripura had experienced the stench and feel of weapons in jungle long time back. After seeing this play the same experience has been felt once again. Post production the playwright and director, Samudra Guha said – this play has already been staged 44th times before today’s show. While sharing his experience, he stated about a remote village of Midnapore where after getting the news that the show of this particular play would be attacked by Maoists headed by Shashadhar Mahato, 2000-3000 villager cordoned the show. He also said – because of the offense of doing student federation the two girls who play the role of Sukhmani in this play were in jail and were just released 4-5 days back. Information, cultural and tourism minister Anil Sarkar has handed over the bouquets to Samudra Guha and all other members of the group. Kankan Bhattacharya has done a wonderful background musical score. Bapi Dasgupta as Nimo, Dona Gupta as Sukhmani & Titas Das as Tathastoo was fabulous. Chief Miinster Manik Sarkar, CPI(M) State Secretary Bijan Dhar, Goutam Dash, Vice-president of Tripura Cultural co-ordination committee and many other renowned personalities were present in audience.

Before this play the group members of Spandan also presents a spectacular musical-recitation collage titled ‘Ujaan’. Under Koushik Ghosh’ direction only 4 artists create an excellent resonance in the nerves of the audience. “Amra ei duniyay muktir gaan shonai”, “Andhakarer utso hote utsarita alo”, “Mora gange baan esechhe” etc. sonorous songs along with exciting speeches create an overwhelming symphony of liberation.

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