Ground Zero

Written by: Sangram Guha
Directed by:
Samudra Guha
Music: Kankan Bhattacharjee
Set: Piyush Sarkar
Light: Pran Krishna Kundu
Costume Design: Sampa Sen
Sound: Anup Dhar

First show on : May 11, 1999 at Girish Mancha, Kolkata
Shows till date: 185 till February, 2008

Synopsis of the Play

‘Ground Zero', the pioneer in Bengali Theatre, as because for the first time, a drama deals with nuclear physics and the very ambition – basic idea ­– auspicious determination of Indian scientists. It's a full act drama, full with crude political zeal present in India . The perspective of this drama is a tense moment of 1998. On 11 th and 13 th May, India government blasted five consecutive nuclear device at Pokhran, lone registan of Rajasthan. The resonance of these blasts created a trauma, an ultra chauvinistic jingoism, which not only breakthrough our national boundary but also activate the other part of line of control. Pakistan reciprocated the same resonance-euphoria through their five nuclear tests at Chaghai, beluchistan on 29 th and 30 th May, 1998 . these nuke composition for their superiority in arsenal germinates a war-monger situation. The stage of this drama is a suspense thriller and the locus of Achin the principle character of this drama, a leading & young journalist associated with a Bangalore based national newspaper ‘Online Express' created one after another dramatic episode. Achin, Ritu and Saina, three members of a little family fell in a topsy-turvy because one after another insight report of Achin regarding Pokhran blast attracted not only the readers but also the saffron brigade and their real politick. Mysterious arrival of Prof. Binayak Khosla once in a rainmaker afternoon, reach the drama of its climax. Binayak's valuable information and documents about Pokhran explosion virtually turned Achin from a daily reporter to a hound journalist. Clash and contingency created a desperado. Achin meets several other important character like Brigadier Baju then Prof. Salam chief architect of Pokhran incident. The characterization of Prof. Salam is not only incarnate A.P.J. Kalam, president of India but also highlight the aspiration of Indian maestro, who are working in the arena of science & technology devotedly. And that uncompromising struggle of Achin with demure hammered and unmasked the evil forces. At the end of this drama, in front of a mandir full with hymn of Upanishad, Achin was killed by the butchers of organized fascist forces working in India .

Play Cast

· Abhigyan Guha
· Ashim Raychowdhury
· Bapi Dasgupta
· Sampa Sen
· Samudra Guha
· Sangram Guha

NB:Cast arranged in alphabetical order of names.

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