Written by: Samudra Guha
Directed by:
Samudra Guha

First show on : January 31, 2004 at Sisir Mancha, Kolkata
Shows till date: 5 till February, 2006

Synopsis of the Play

‘Combat’ is an absurd theatre full with political content after the fashion of symbolism. The content reveals the effect of globalisation in our country. Two farmers one from A.P. and other from Orissa are now absconding from their origin for their own salvation as because government withdraws all its subsidy, security from agricultural sector. Only hunger, poverty and the hegemony of feudal forces exists in their barren land. In urban sector too, disinvestment, forced retrenchment impoverished our working class. On contrary to this egregious feature a strong co-ordination among the mandarins of globalisation, fundamentalist forces and Indian ruling class echoed their profit seeking orchestra. A helicopter which symbolises globalisation is hovrering over a dense forest where three groups firstly two absconder, secondly a jobless worker with a kidnapped young girl whose farther is a prominent leader and Bechubabu, Harmad, Tamtababa (represents our ruling class, imperialism and religious leader respectively) Trimurti of neo-liberalism locked in war through dramatic episode, converts that forest into a battleground. The forest symbolise a coalescence of underdevelopment, unemployment and bigotry. In this hotbed the entrance of a student of information technology and his participation depicts the aspiration of our gen-next. Ultimately, that helicopter cannot find his landing space properly as because of peoples’ resistance.

Play Cast

· Bapi Dasgupta
· Samudra Guha

NB:Cast arranged in alphabetical order of names.

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