Written by: Sangram Guha
Directed by:
Sangram Guha
Music: Kankan Bhattacharjee
Set: Sampa Sen
Light: Sangram Guha
Costume Design: Sampa Sen
Sound: Anup Dhar
Make up: Aloke Debnath

First show on : January 31, 2004 at Sisir Mancha, Kolkata
Shows till date: 108 till May,2010 including GERMANY

This Documentary Drama is based on the fact of Indian Parliament attack on 13th December, 2001. The enquiry began and 18th December, 2003 Delhi High Court challenged the enquiry process. Within 12 days after that, this drama was written by exhaustive research and was pinpointed to all the mystic incidents happened in that attack. It was first staged on 31st January, 2004. After first show it attained the major attention due to its subject.

After that the Playwright and Director Sangram Guha was threatened by some unidentified group. He was exiled in tight security zone for police enquiry for three months. Intelligence Department along with Kolkata and Delhi Police jointly tried to find out that group. But nobody was arrested so far. After that, the movement and performance of that drama was disturbed. At last on August, 2005, the Supreme Court of India, the apex judicial bench declares his final judgment to support the subject of the drama. It is a history of Indian Theatre. For the first time one theatre brought the real truth of Parliament attack and the Judiciary ultimately gave its total support to the drama.

Synopsis of the Play

In the year 2001, Indian Parliament was attacked by a group of terrorists. In this connection Syed Abdul Rehman Gillani-
Sampa Sen as Soumi Pancholi.
Professor of Zakir Hussain College, Saukat Hussain Guru and Afzal Ansari were arrested by the police. This case was put up on POTAís special court, and the play is based on the incident that took place in the house of Soumi Pancholi, the defense lawyer, on the night before the date of final hearing.
Soumi Pancholi is a young and good looking lawyer from Delhi. She has a personal relation with a painter Rajan Saxena. Soumi does not want to mary Rajan but their relationship contains everything. Soumi and Rajan usually live together as a couple. Rajan made plenty of nude pictures of Soumi, but he has some reservation to exhibit these. As soon as the curtain raises, it shows Soumi is having a telephonic conversation with Rajan Saxena and projecting her nude paintings through projector. During the conversation it comes out that the final hearing of
Playwright & Director Sangram Guha as Rajinder Sharma.
the case where Gillani is one of the accused is on the next day.
In another zone on the stage, Afzal Ansari, the convicted terrorist, is being questioned by Pravin the assistant of Soumi. All India Democratic Committee (AIDC) led by Nandita Haksar, a lawyer and social activist, are having a protest rally against the Governmentís action regarding Prof. Gillani. Suddenly Police intercepted and try to wash out the demonstration. Big scuffle is going on.
Soumi is having a discussion with her junior lawyer and the members of AIDC regarding the salient features of the case.
At the same time normal life of Delhi city is totaly jeopardised by Police and intellegence.
Where alone Soumi starts preparing herself for the next dayís hearing with her arguments and logic in favour of her client, Prof. Gillani. Soumi points out that, the most important point in Prof. Gillaniís favour is the document pertaining to the registration and purchasing of Gillaniís Cell phone. Suddenly the doorbell rang.
When enquired, a man named Rajinder Sharma, presents himself as a CBI officer who wants to have a talk with Soumi
Sampa Sen as Soumi Pancholi.
regarding Gillaniís case. Although Soumi was not at all interested in entertaining Rajinderís queries initially but Rajinder, with very clever moves, involves Soumi in the discussion. Rajinder Sharma asks Soumi not to defend Gillani in the case. He also pointed out it is the lawyers like Soumi have indirectly helped Massod Azhar to form Jaish-e-Mohammad.
Rajinder tests Soumiís nerves by mentioning about Soumiís personal life, her relation with Rajan Saxena, and about her father who was an army major sacrificed his life during the India-Bangladesh war. During the discussion Rajinder asks Soumi to give them some time to gather more evidence against Gillani. Soumi counters by telling that CBI requires time to cover up the existence of the mastermind behind the attack. She points out that during the parliament attack the terrorists called up several times on a particular number, which belonged to a person with a code name of ď16 MMĒ.
Himangshu Dey, Sumita Mukhopadhyay, Asok Bandyopadhyay, Shyamotpal Chanda.

According to her CBI knows the present database of Command, the present mobile service provider, keeps record for two and half years. This service is going to get transferred to Hutch, whose database keeps track of the calls for 45 days only. And hence the record of the calls made by the terrorists can easily be wiped off.
During the heated exchange of words, an unalarmed Soumi reveals that the important document pertaining to the registration of Gillaniís cellphone, which is a major evidence of Gillaniís innocence, is lying with Manahor Thakur, the owner of the shop from where the mobile phone was purchased. And Manohar at that moment is hiding in a Guest House in Noida.
As soon as the information comes out, Rajinder springs up at calls up someone instructing to kill Manohar. He also tells Soumi at gun point that in reality he is a terrorist.
As soon as he flues, Soumi calls up Pravin and CBI Joint Director to give protection to Manohar while briefly telling them about the incident.
Suddenly the phone ring up, and Nandita Haksar, the AIDC activists informs Soumi that Manohar was severely injured by a truck accident, while coming to Delhi from Hariyana. Soumi just breaks down.
Sampa Sen as Soumi Pancholi.

Play Cast

Abhigyan Guha
Ashim Raychowdhury
Ashok Bandyopadhyay
Bapi Dasgupta
Koushik Ghosh
Partha Protim Nag
Sampa Sen
Samudra Guha
Sangram Guha
Shyamotpal Chanda

NB:Cast arranged in alphabetical order of names.

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