Written by: Sangram Guha
Directed by:
Sangram Guha
Executive Direction: Sampa Sen & Samudra Guha
Music: Pablo Benerides & Kankan Bhattacharjee
Set: Sampa Sen
Light: Uttiya Jana
Costume Design: Sampa Sen
Sound: Titas Das
Make up: Md. Ali

First show on : September 15, 2007 at Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata
Shows till date: 65 till July,2010

Synopsis of the Play

Neil Fletcher, a French born American software Engineer, was mysteriously found dead one night in New York. A reporter of
Sampa Sen as Lola Kardue.
New York Times Phillip Parker approaches Peter Garrison, a renowned lawyer of New York, with the information of the death of Fletcher who was a member of OPEN, Organisation for Peace and No terror world, a secret organization who are trying to reveal the brutal conspiracy lying behind the attack on World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Phillip, who himself is a member of OPEN, also informs Peter about the mysterious death of another 162 members of their organization. During their conversation Peter comes to know about Lola Kardue, a prostitute, with whom Fletcher had an affair before his death. Phillip urges Peter to take up this case on behalf of them so that they can unmask the real conspirator in front of the people.

After going through the documents left by Phillip, Peter finds several mysterious incidents had taken place during the attack on World Trade Center which were ignored and gone unanswered by the investigating commission formed by the U.S. Government. He agrees to take up the case in order

Sangram Guha, Mahadeb Shee and Saikat Sarkar.

to find the real face and objective behind this heinous crime. He meets Lola Kardue in the red light area where she resides. Meanwhile Collin Russel and John Carr, two FBI officers who are given the responsibility to find out the source of OPEN, meets Phillip Parker in his office. But their fail to collect any vital information about the activity of Sun Jacob, an arms trader

Samudra Guha as Charles Allen.

who was close to White House before he went underground right after 9/11 and recently has resurfaced as a member of OPEN. Meanwhile, Sun Jacob visits Peter Garrison. He informs Peter that he requires leaving the country immediately but the authority has blocked his passport. He requests Peter to take up the matter with the concerned authority. He also reveals during discussion that even the highest administration of the country is involved with arms trading. As soon as he leaves Lola enters Peter’s place with the news of Phillip Parker’s accident. A very upset Lola requests Peter to wait for seven more days before filing the case in front of the court so that she can get time to release the CD prepared by Fletcher as an evidence of the involvement of U.S. Government behind the World Trade Center attack.Peter does not pay any heed and throws her out of his chamber.

In the court Peter points out that the reason behind Neil Fletcher’s death is not a suicide by injecting the drug XSM 1500 himself as stated by the police but a planned murder as the entire evidence proves

Asok Bandyopadhyay and Diganta Banerjee.

the involvement of at least one more person. Charles Allen, a CIA top official, meets Peter. He informs that the Head of the Security of the World Trade Center had noticed certain irregularities in the building on the night before the attack. He then

Sampa Sen as Lola Kardue.

stored the video footage of the same in a pen drive and then informed his senior who mysteriously did not cooperate with him. He incidentally got killed during the attack. Mrs Bennet Dowson, his wife, who knew about the incident and had the pen drive with her, went missing after a few days. Allen informs Peter that the original Lola, the prostitute, is dead and Bennet Dowson has tampered her social security number and has reappeared as Lola Cardue, the prostitute. He also advises Peter to arrange for her protection since her life is in danger. The real identity of Lola as Mrs. Bennet Dowson gets revealed when both Peter and Russel trails her while visiting Adams, her child, in his school. She narrates the heart-rendering story behind her

Sampa Sen, Abhigyan Guha, Subhabrata Chanda Choudhury and Sangram Guha.

acquiring the false identity of a dead person. She informs them about the incident of how his husband was killed in a planned way by the authority for noticing some unknown persons suspiciously drilling at the pillars of Twin Towers. She also narrates how brutally her entire family except her son was killed and she was repeatedly threatened and attacked by the highest administration in pursuit of the pen drive where the video footage is stored. The brave hearted Bennet then takes up the challenge of unmasking the real face behind the 9/11 attack as the mission of her life and

Abhigyan Guha as Adams Dowson.

she joins OPEN. In order to reveal the truth in a democratic civilised country,

Shyamotpal Chanda as Harris.

Bennet Dowson, once a respected lawyer, had to cover herself up in the disguise of a prostitute, Lola Kardue. Despite their attempt to get the information about the whereabouts of the pen drive, Bennet refuses to divulge any further information. CIA starts trailing Bennet. Meanwhile, Charles Allen, who incidentally is suffering from cancer, discloses

Ashim Roy Choudhury as Sun Jacob and Sangram Guha as Peter Garrison.

the causes lying behind the attack on the World Trade Center when Peter comes to meet him in the hospital. At that time Peter gets the information about the murder of Sun Jacob. Before the court, during his final plead; Peter presents the questions, one by one,which got unanswered during the investigation by 9/11 commission. He passionately questions the significance of such democracy where numbers of people die and a lawyer

Partha Pratim Nag, Samudra Guha, Diganta Banerjee with others.

has to take the profession of a prostitute in search of truth. He passionately urges the court to ask the U.S. Government to prove that this is a government “for the people, by the people, of the people” by disclosing the facts of 9/11. The court decides the death of Neil Fletcher as a case of suicide and finds Bennet Dowson guilty of tampering the identity of Lola Kardue. She was sent to prison. Their fight for truth gets defeated yet victorious as they set up an example before the peace loving people of the country to stand up and raise their protest against state sponsored terrorism for a “No Terror” world.



Samudra Guha, Chirashree Kar Choudhury, Subrata Halder, Amit Sen, Himanghsu Dey, Partha Pratim Nag with others.
Sangram Guha, Sampa Sen, Sanjib Das, Subir Ghosh Roy Choudhury, Himanghsu Dey, Ranjit Sen, Mahadeb Shee, Chirashree Kar Choudhury, Subrata Halder, Amit Sen, Partha Pratim Nag, Asok Bandyopadhyay with others.


Play Cast

· Abhigyan Guha
· Ashim Raychowdhury
· Ashok Bandyopadhyay
· Bapi Dasgupta
· Diganta Banerjee
· Koushik Ghosh
· Partha Protim Nag
· Sampa Sen
· Samudra Guha
· Sangram Guha
· Shyamotpal Chanda
· Subhabrata Chanda Choudhury
· Subrata Halder

NB:Cast arranged in alphabetical order of names.

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